A “Fiber Story”

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So I got this yarn at the Ann Arbor Fiber Expo back in the fall and I’m a little obsessed with. Obsessed with looking at it. So obsessed that I delayed winding it and starting to knit with it until I got out my camera and documented the absolute gorgeousness of each hank. Obsessed enough to let it just sit on my desk where I could have it under my eyeballs every. single. day. Obsessed to the point that leaving it on my desk made me feel uneasy, due to the potential for dust accumulation. Yeah. I’m a weirdo. A yarn loving, coloring loving, texture loving fiber fanatic.

Honestly though. This yarn is just… stunning. The bold variety is the blue hank makes my heart go pitter patter, while the subtle shifts of the gray manage to be perfectly inconspicuous, yet still eye catching.

I’m planning to knit the Axis Shawl with it, and while I can’t wait to have the finished object wrapped around my neck, I also just want to sit and stare at this yarn a little bit longer. Just a little. bit. longer.


ps – this is my first post since last fall. If you couldn’t tell already, I was a little (ok a lot) not into blogging for a while there. I just didn’t have the desire. And since this blog is supposed to be a hobby, and something that makes me happy, I decided to let it be for a while. To let it soak, let it mellow. And it worked. The last couple months this blog and all my ideas for it have been on my mind almost every day. So here I am, and I’m so happy to be back :)

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