About Me



Hello! I’m Laura (: I just graduated from college almost two years ago, and moved to Augusta, GA, a little while after that. I live in a teensy apartment with my fiance, B, more house plants than he’s comfortable with, a few fish and a brand new puppy named Pippin.


Isn’t he adorable?!

I’m an administrative assistant at The Morris Museum of Art, and while it isn’t my dream job, I am so happy to be working in a museum. Someday, I hope to be planning and executing museum programming, like classes, lectures, wine nights, family events, and all sorts of things.

In my spare time, I create, just about everything. Knits, collages and jewelry,  homemade cookies and cupcakes, you name it, I’ve probably tried it!

I also love taking photographs, and I’m working all the time to improve my skills in that area. Right now I’m delving into the intricacies of a new dslr camera and playing around with film on a Minolta X-700.

I started this blog to share things I’ve made and showcase things that inspire me. Most of all I hope to meet new friends. So please, please comment or email me. You can also find me on Twitter,  Facebook, InstagramPinterest, and follow my blog over on Bloglovin. I’d love to chat, get to know you, and hear about the things you love to create!

ps – you can find out even more about me in this post.