Crafte Diem: Pegboard Wall

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Over the summer I saw a lovely post over at Design*Sponge – Before and After: Pegboard Bedroom Wall and I’ve been wanting to put up pegboard in my apartment ever since. I think the pegboard is a great idea for several reasons.

First, I have a small apartment with limited surface space, but I have a lot of stuff, and I like to have all my stuff out and around me in my space.

Second, having grown up in a home in which spring cleaning and fall organization involved moving nearly every piece of furniture and finding a new place for it, I like change. When I dust my bookshelves I usually put everything back in a different spot, just to mix things up a little.

Third, our walls are ugly. They’ve been painted and marked and nicked one too many times. They are also painted an off-white color that lacks the crisp freshness of a white wall.

Considering all these things, pegboard is perfect. I can put a lot of stuff on it, including objects, like a potted plant and a 3-D monogram, that I couldn’t easily hang directly on the wall. I can move things around as often as I want, without worrying about putting innumerable holes in the wall (although the pegboard did require 16 screws – I still say that’s less holes than we would have had if I just started nailing stuff into the wall and moving it whenever I felt like it). And, the pegboard is white. Beautiful, crisp, clean white, in delightful contrast to our drab walls.

So, I went for it. And with around $35 and about an hour of work, our wall (and our living room) was transformed from this:

to this:

Simple, inexpensive, beautiful and functional. I am absolutely in love with it, and I’m already scheming ways to change it up for winter once I do my winter/Christmas decorating in a few weeks. [ps can you spot my big storage container of yarn? he he]

So, have I convinced you that you not only want, but need, your own pegboard wall? Read on for all the supply and installation details!


  • Pegboard – at Home Depot we found 4’x2′ sheets, and we got two to make a 4’x4′ square
  • 8, 12 or 16 Spacers – these will push your pegboard out from the wall so that there is space between the pegboard and the wall for your hangers. We used 1/2″ solid aluminum spacers.
  • 8, 12 or 16 Screws – make sure they are long enough to pass through the pegboard and spacer and still reach the stud. We used 1-3/4″ flat head phillips wood screws.
  • A stud finder
  • Level
  • Hooks, hangers and organizers – both Home Depot and Lowe’s have a wide range of organizers for pegboards


  1. Find and mark your studs. I would use at least two.
  2. [This step requires two people] Hold your piece of pegboard up to the wall and use the level to make sure it is straight. Place a spacer behind the pegboard, near the top and over your first stud. Check that your pegboard is level one more time, then drill in your first screw. Now place the second spacer behind the pegboard, near the bottom and over the same stud and drill it in. Continue until all your screws** are drilled in.
  3. You’re done! Place your hooks and hangers and started decorating your beautiful new pegboard!

**The amount of screws and spacers you use will depend on the placement of your studs and the size of your pieces of pegboard. The studs in our wall ended up being towards the middle of the space where we wanted to hang our pegboard, so we had 2 screws on each stud and then 2 screws at either end, for a total of 8 screws per piece of pegboard and 16 screws overall. The screws on the end were just to push the pegboard out from the wall and keep everything uniform.

So, I hope you enjoyed today’s DIY, and that you get a chance to make and decorate your own pegboard wall sometime soon. It really upgrades your space – after I finished decorating ours, mister told me it looked like something out of a magazine ;) xx

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