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Happy {day after} Love Day! So this week I taught myself to crochet (eep!)

This is a big deal for me. See, I’ve always been a one needle art kind of woman – by which I mean I always stuck to my knitting and avoided crochet like, well like you avoid a sexy man when you’re already attached. But then I saw a cute little pattern for crocheted hearts, and, well I really really wanted some crocheted hearts of my own. I couldn’t resist. So, I taught myself to chain, single, double, and triple crochet, and then I crocheted my little guts out and made so many hearts!

And after that, I took 14 of my cute crocheted hearts (the rest are going to be used as part of belated Valentine’s cards) and I went on a yarn bombing walk through my neighborhood. My first yarn bombing ever, in fact. (double eep!) And it was awesome! I wasn’t nervous, but there were a lot of people around and I felt very, very self conscious, tying my little hearts to trees and swings and poles and then snapping pictures. But I think they look pretty good!

Heart on Utility Pole Heart on Swing Heart on Parking Sign Heart on Parking Garage Heart on Drinking Fountain

Now I must admit I did not have this fantastically cute idea on my own. Meredith over at One Sheepish Girl is hosting the Sheepish Heart Bomb – I’m just participating. You can look for pictures of everyone else’s super cute creations using the hashtag #sheepishheartbomb on twitter and instagram.

This yarn bomb was so much fun, I think I may be addicted. I’m already planning a really outrageous yarn bomb towards the end of the year for downtown Augusta and I’m trying to think up something to do between now and then!

And I have to admit, after getting over my initial feelings of guilt and shame as I cheated on my knitting with crochet, I’m really starting to like it. I’ve already found quite a few things that I want to crochet, like these mountain pillows and heart arrows from The Dapper Toad. Plus I’m dying to try crocodile stitch. I don’t even want to make any functional thing, just a swatch of it that I can oogle! So hopefully my knitting needles don’t come to seek revenge on my cheating heart in the middle of the night ;)

There’s still time to participate in the heart bomb (officially until 2/17) – just click here for details, and post a link in the comments or tag me in your pictures (@laura_creates on instagram and twitter) – I’d love to see!

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