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Today I wanted to share a picture of the cork board that hangs over my desk. I am what you might call a paper fiend. I love to cut images and quotes from magazines. My mom sends me cards in rubber-stamped envelopes and I cut out the stamped images and keep those too. I collect vintage post cards and photos, and scrap book paper. A lot of this stuff just gets filed away for later use in my collages, but the ones I really love get pinned up here:

This cork board is my favorite part of my workspace – actually it is probably my favorite thing in my whole apartment.   I use pinterest for inspiration too, but somehow it just isn’t the same. I guess I’m a tactile person. I love placing the images side by side, overlapping them, rearranging them. I know this is a little old school in our digital era, but if you’re a paper person like me, try out a cork board board. I like it better than pasting my images into an actual book because I can move them around whenever I want – it’s a beautiful, movable, changeable collage. The same images can be inspiring in whole new ways if they’re just displayed differently.

How do you collect and catalog what inspires you? Are you a paper fiend like me or do you prefer storing inspiration online? Have a lovely day! xx

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  1. Mimi says:

    What a great idea, I’m going to start an inspiration board for myself and one for my daughter. It will be fun to change part of the board from season to season. Have a “crafty” weekend Lovely Wren!

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