Love List: June 2

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Wedding Plans: My wedding is under three months away! I have tons to do, but the main project I’m working on is browsing Pinterest for manicure ideas (HA!) These are my top three: one, two, three. Which one do you like best? (PS – you can see my whole wedding pinterest board right here!)

Obsessing Over: The Shutterfly photo book I spend the weekend working on! You can see some sneak peeks above – it’s going to be our guest book :D

Inspiring Me: These sugar cookies. I mean, who doesn’t want to be told “You Are Hot” by sugar cookies?! Small confession: I may have set that “You Are Hot” cookie photo as the lock screen on my phone. I can’t confirm or deny ;)

Coveting: Get on my body, Michigan Home T! I’m heading home, as in moving home, on Thursday (holy crap!) I can’t wait to be near friends and family again!

Drooling Over: Succulents! If you follow me on Pinterest you know I’m plant. obsessed. And particularly succulent obsessed. This week I found succulent birdcage and hanging succulent centerpiece tutorials. I died. B doesn’t know it yet, but our future home is a greenhouse filled with succulents ;)

Reading: Mollie Makes Photography. Ok, I lied. I’m not actually reading this right now. Too much to do. But when I have time to read again, this is at the top of my list.


So what are you up to this week, my lovelies? I am packing a few essential craft supplies (aka all of them), some books and all my clothes and heading to Michigan. Pippin is going to ride shotgun. B is staying in Augusta until the end of the summer. I’m bummed about that bit, but I’ve got a lake, friends, family, a lot of wedding work and a job search waiting for my in Michigan. So hopefully I’ll be too busy to miss him too much. What are you up to this summer?

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