Love List: March 10

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Eating: I have been living on this creamy tomato soup for the last few days. I absolutely love it!

Casting On: I just started this seedpod purse from Woodland Knitting by Stephanie Dosen. All the patterns in this book are so unique and lovely – they make me want to escape into a cottage in the woods and dress in oversize knits and ribbons, with flowers woven in my hair.

Cooking: This pesto pizza looks so yummy. And I could easily make it gluten free by modifying the crust :)

Coveting: I can’t quite justify buying yarn for another sweater (sweaters are so expensive) until I finish this one (which I’ve barely started, or actually, haven’t started at all, except for swatching) but this Aisance sweater pattern is calling my name. I love how it’s a big longer in the front, and those pointed tips – perfect!

Reading: I’m still working on The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I wouldn’t have mentioned it again, but it’s  a thought-provoking book. If you haven’t read it and are at all interested in food, eating, and the food industry in this country, I highly recommend it!

Saving for Later: Depending on where we ended up moving to and how big the space is, I’d love a buffet table like this  in our dining room (and I’m sure B would just love a DIY project ;) )


I hope everyone had a calm and relaxing weekend. Or a loud and exciting weekend. Whichever you’re into ;). Things were pretty casual around here – we took Pippin to the dog park for the first time, and he had such fun. A dog park is probably the best thing a social dog like him could ever dream of. Besides that and the usual weekend chores, I knitted a little on my seedpod purse and stayed up waaaay too late Saturday night. Although it wasn’t my fault, it was totally daylight savings time’s fault. I mean, one minute it’s 2am and the next minute it’s 3am… what is that bullshit? Hehe. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the week ahead, and sharing a new project and some more knitting with you!

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